Earn money by referring others to LOCKBOX! All you have to do is show your website visitors the importance of Lockbox and you earn money each time someone signs up through your website.

How does Lockbox’s Affiliate Program Work?
It’s simple! Fill out our online form. Then, once you receive our acceptance via e-mail, go to our reporting site and post our links on your own website. Then, whenever your visitors click on the link, they will be taken to the Lockbox web site. Affiliates with Lockbox will receive a 25% referral fee for each user that joins. It’s that easy!

Why would I want to join the Affiliate Program?

  • You are providing a tremendous service to your website viewers.
  • This program costs you nothing and it is simple.
  • You receive money, just by people going to your website and joining.
  • You do not have to provide the customer support.
  • Your customers or clients need this service.

What is Lockbox and how does it work?
As you may have seen, Lockbox stores important information like insurance policies, bank or investment account information, real estate holdings, professional contacts, personal property, important documents, and much more. This site will store this information, but will not allow the uploading of documents. Lockbox does not allow users to upload documents to ensure the complete safety of their identity.

This system is divided into different folders as indicated above. Under each folder there are subfolders that remind the user of their specific information. These subfolders have pre-populated fields that let you know what information to enter, so that that the user is not blindly guessing what to enter in a black hole. Once the user enters their information, they can rest assured that if a natural disaster, fire, or a personal crises occurs, their information is stored in a secure location online.

Benefits of the Affiliate Program
This program is extremely beneficial due to the fact that you can provide your customers a wonderful benefit without the “customer service” work. It’s free to you, is a benefit to the customer, there is no customer service work for you, and you receive a referral fee for each individual that joins from your site. It does not get much easier than that.

Also, there is no need to worry about the technical support or link creation. Our setup is about as simple as it comes. The link is generated and you are given a choice of images for your website. Once you have chosen the image that best fits the needs of your site, all you really have to do is cut and paste to have this program up and running on your site. We have technical support available should you have problems with this process.

Affiliate Compensation
Affiliates with Lockbox will receive a 25% referral fee for each user that joins. An affiliate will not be paid on users that join for a “Free 10 Day Trial” also known as temporary or trial status. However, anyone who joins Lockbox through an Affiliates website and has “Active” status will be compensated. Compensation will be paid once an affiliate’s account balance reaches $50.

Affiliate Program Support
If you have a question regarding any aspect of the affiliate program please email customerservice@insurancelockbox.com with the subject of “AFFILIATE PROGRAM”. You can also go to the contact us page and submit a form with the subject “Affiliate Program” and receive assistance.

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